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Tooth Whitening Package

Ness Bank Dental Practice are delighted to be able to offer our clients custom made, same day bleaching trays. We are currently providing this service at the special price of £300 . Please telephone today for an appointment. An initial assessment appointment with the dentist is required to ensure this is an appropriate treatment for you. Scroll down to see an example of successful whitening and restoration treatment.

The whitening process begins with impressions for custom tray fabrication. The plaster casts are made in practice.

The vacuum formed tray is trimmed.

Image of the impression, cast and finished whitening tray.

The finished whitening tray ready for fitting with ‘Illumine Whitening Gel’


An excellent example of tooth whitening with some additional treatment to build up an existing naturally small incisor and lengthen the front tooth. A very conservative , straight forward treatment to achieve a final result that the patient is delighted with.

 Before treatment.

After bleaching to desired shade.

After bleaching and treatment to achieve final result. A natural smile that the patient loves.