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Your Dental Health

At Ness Bank Dental practice we are dedicated to educating our patients to achieve good oral hygiene. We have two dental hygienists who along with treating gum disease, performing scale and polishes are here to tailor your oral health regimes. They can recommend the best toothbrushes, whether manual or electric and give toothbrushing instruction. We are big advocates of the Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush and sell 2 models in house. (click on the link for video instruction)

We stock a wide range of oral hygiene aids, some specialised products which are unavailable to buy in the shops. Our prices are very competitive to encourage our patients to stock up on all their required items.

Every patient gets individual advice on which products would work best for them, be it Tepe Brushes or The Philips Air Flosser, to Easypicks or floss. We stock a good range of environmentally friendly products. Full instruction of use will be given to attain good Oral health and not cause damage to their gums. Patients oral health routine will reviewed each visit to the hygienist visit.

Please feel free to discuss any oral health issues you have, we are eager to educate and get our patients on a life long good oral health regime.