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Patient Testimonials

Receiving patient feedback is important to the practice and it is always nice to know that going to that extra mile for our patients makes a difference.Our aim is to provide you and your family with the dental treatment you require in a pleasant, helpful and friendly atmosphere.

I’ve visited a lot of dentists in my life, but this dental practice stands out because of the friendliness of the people working there, their efforts to put your mind at ease and to create an atmosphere that is far from daunting. Consider a dentist who wears a shirt with a Spider-man, lobster or aeroplane print. Or how about a dental version of ‘Musical Chairs’ because you have back issues and you need a comfortable chair? Their philosophy is to do what is best for you which makes you feel you can trust them which, in today’s world, has become quite a rarity. Highly recommendable, for any age group!


The dental hygienists here, especially Alison, are very helpful with advice on how to improve tooth brushing. I have been going to a dentist every six months since I was at Uni but only these hygienists removed all the staining behind my front teeth. Makes me wonder what the other hygienists were doing!! They are also great with teaching children how to brush their teeth and how to floss effectively.


To the Ness Bank Team

I cannot thank you enough. You treated me with care, respect and patience and I truly appreciate it. July 2023.

Taken from a card left by a grateful patient and printed here with her approval.